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Dewr Jewrnal:

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Thanksgiving potluck @ work today = so full that I had to walk on my lunchbreak.

What's this? I am eating more dressing? Whatever. IT'S SO GOOD.

The graveyard was FANTASTIC this afternoon!

The trees looked BEAUTIFUL against the grey sky. there were TONS of bluejays and cardinals floating around as well as a sweet little pair of doves that were scriggling around at my feet.

So quiet and nice there today. I just wanted to lay down in the leaves in a secret little place and fall asleep.

Ahhhh..I have to work out EVERY day this week because of the stupid fat holiday. I have to though. I got up early this morning and worked out and it actually made me feel wonderful and good!!

Ahhhh..my weekend was relaxing. I didn't do very much. I made a great tofu stir fry on Friday (and had some delicious BEER and whiskey) and made a BADASS chicken pesto fettucine dish with bread and homemade garlic butter. SO GOOD. oh, and salad...damn, I had an amazing breakfast that morning too!
Went to brunch on Sunday with Rebekah and her boyfriend. We went to libertine and I had a grilled cheese sandwhich (been craving that) and this beautiful champagne cocktail (champagne, bitters, sugarcube). It was a lot of fun.

I got my flatiron in the mail today! so FUCKING EXCITED! I can't wait to be luxorious and beautiful again!

I've been taking zinc since I quit the prenatal vitamins. Whew.. CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE SEXXX!

crispy turkey!

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dewr jewrnal.

Ahhhh. I got my new dress in the mail. Good thing I have a petticoat because it's JUST what I needed to complete the look. next on my list.....new year's eve dress... I'm not sure what we're even DOING on nye..however, i would like to look amazing for the first day of the year 2011...i have just the dress....

I am SO hungry today. I'm about to reheat some of the tofu stir fry that i made last night and MAAAYBE have a little shot of whiskey? Hmmmm????

This weekend's plans include...NOTHING.

well, that's not true.I'm going to brunch at the libertine with my friend rebekah. Her little boyfriend is in town from Austin, and we're all going to meet up.

Tonight's dinner = chicken fettuccine with pesto cream sauce (<3) and bread with garlic herb butter and salad! fatty fat fat fat ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3<3<3

i also made some cookies...I baked them as I was working out..I feel like there's something wrong with that picture, although I guess there isn't.. I didn't actually eat any of the cookies..well, I tried a little piece...it was really good, however....i'm more in the mood for savory things...thank you very much PMS.

Other than that, fuck..nothing! I need to shower/shave/wash my hair...doing those three things REALLY is a fucking chore and I hate doing it...so that's why I wash my hair once a week? YEP. I'm so close to my mermaid hair that i can taste it. Seriously considering a shorter cut once my length is where I want it...i don't know those...There's something extremely nice about feeling your hair down your naked back and on your shoulders..

Plus, i would look like a lez/boy if I cut my hair....

I got the cutest apron the other day. i almost really want to wear it all the damn time!

For x-mas I would like - vintage diamond ring, tempur pedic pillow, lingirie.

i'm excited about thanksgiving, my entire immediate family WILL BE attending..that's nice..I didn't think that my dad was going to come. ahhhhhhhh


in fact...

I'm going to eat and watch sailor moon...RIGHT NOW!

no..scratch that..i'm going to eat and watch PHANTASM!



Melissa. e. Ray.

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run and tell THAT

hahahahaha what the fuck?


Let's just fucking SEE.

This week has been kinda weird? I was feeling ill all week. That sucked..the week went by SLOWLY..yet I didn't really do anything. So let's not talk about this week...let's talk about NEXT WEEK.

Monday= potluck @ work
Tuesday= 20.00 all you can eat sushi at gui followed by free play night at barcadia (<3)
Wednesday= I don't know yet
Thursday= Thanksgiving in TC <3<3<3 I am making the appetizer tray. I am making pimento cheese dip. I got crackers, bagel chips, dry salami, and some carrots/celery sticks <3<3 Hopefully there will be some kind of TC get together after dinner <3<3
Friday= NO WORK( I actually don't know what I am going to do that day.)

I don't really have any plans for this weekend other than working out and maybe cooking some nice meals. We went to the supermarket and I got some ingrediants to make some taasty dishes.

I have a beautiful new holiday dress coming in the mail, along with a new flatiron..mine broke :C I found the same flatiron that I had for 60.00. <3<3<3

Let's see...other than random shit that's been going on..I am doing GREAT. I have been feeling good these days. I am in love with my boyfriend and we are very close.

Friday Friday Friday


I had a good night last night. I came home and drank some champagne and made this coconut curry chicken casserole thing and played katamari and hung out with ryan and iggled around. We had some glorious, refreshing, amazing sex and went to sleep with the new down comforter that I just bought. Ahhhh. So warm and soft and comfortable. My feather bed came in as well, and my new duvet cover will be coming SOON <3<3<3 Cloud bed deluxe!

I'm excited about this weekend!

I am going to the grapevine after work with my friend rebekah and some other ladies from the office for happy hour.
I"m sure after that i'll squiggle home to my boyfriend's loving arms and igg around. Maybe play drunken katamari...or maybe i'll fulfill his wishes and play super metroid.

Saturday is my sister's birthday party. OMMMMG and i get to see the PUPPIESSSSSSS <3<3<3

As far as the rest of my weekend goes...

working out
katamari/animal crossing/windwaker/super metroid
clean my fucking bathroom
love love love love on my boyfriend
Mad Men

I don't have any beautiful dinners planned for this weekend...
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So, apparently my boyfriend loves me <3<3<3

He bought me this video game (that i have been waiting about eight months to play) and he makes me sweet little iced coffees in the morning and loves on me ALL THE TIME. I can't WAIT for his birthday celebration <3<3<3 Mostly because I will be benefitting from the celebration too, if you know what I mean. <3<3<3

I'm going shopping with my friend rebekah on Tuesday. We are going to Anthro, so that I can buy a new holiday dress, then shopping for makeup and maybe dinner and drinks? I"m excited as I don't have many girlfriends to hang out with and do girly things with <3<3

Time to play harvest moon (*it's slow @ work today)

yip yip yip!!



Dewr Jewrnal

My weekend was EXTREMELY low key.

Since I can't remember all of the details, here are the things that i CAN remember.

watched back to the future (crispin glover as george mcfly= FINE)

worked out a TON ( i hate you, wii fit)

Cooked a roasted chicken with red potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, thyme, and lemon. It was SO GOOD.

Had tons of beautiful glorious weekend sex with my boyfriend (as well as lots of laying around, kissing, pillow talk, cuddling, etc.)

Watched some mad men.

Started a new windwaker game (Hell YESSSS)

Hung up ALL of my clothing that I had just thrown on my closet floor a month ago when I moved into the new apartment. It's so nice to see my beautiful dresses hung all together instead of on a horrible pile on the floor.

I basically just hung out with myself all weekend. It was nice, but a little lonely. Ryan works 12-8 on Saturday and Sunday, and while I like being alone..i get a just a little lonely during the day.

Pissed about daylight savings time. Actually, I am excited about sunset at 5:30 <3<3 I'm only upset because I didn't want to get up this morning.

I'm excited about the wintertime. I'm excited to have wintertime fun with my darling.

Upcoming events= Jenny's birthday November 16. I think she is having a party on the 12th or 13th?
Thanksgiving- Not sure yet. Don't know how many members of my family are on board to celebrate together...I don't know if I want to cook a shit load of food though. Maybe just turkey, dressing, a vegetable, and a beautiful desert? Lots of champagne of course.

December 1= Ryan's birthday. I am planning many beautiful, wonderful things for my sweeheart's day of birth.

December 3 (i think) company holiday party at hotel palomar

xmas- psh. whatever who cares.

NYE- i would like to go to austin to celebrate NYE.


fuck fuck fuck.

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I had the best night of my LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE last night.

I met Ryan at the ghetto, depressing, DISGUSTING tom thumb and we went grocery shopping. The cashier gave us some stuff for free! BADASS!
We came home and I made turkey meat tacos (SO FUCKING GOOOD). I made some fajita style red bell pepper and mushrooms that were SO GOOD and we had chips and salsa. I had only eaten salad all day, so i was SUPER hungry.

We drank some champagne goody and watched this movie with christina ricci that was kinda good, but also not that great, but i still watched the entire thing. It's kind of hard to explain. It wasn't scary, and it wasn't really suspenseful..just kind of weird? ANYWAY. After that we rolled around in bed and listened to music and talked and looked at these pictures that ryan drew in college and just lounged around and talked and cuddled and eventually went to bed <3<3<3

When I woke up this morning, ryan had made me an iced coffee and left it for me on the counter. What a sweetheart! I wonder when that sweetheart scriggled out of bed this morning to prepare it for me! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

i tOOK a nice graveyard walk yesterday at lunch. I also started my period this morning.

I'm thinking about trying to go out of town (austin) for NYE this year. I'm pretty sick of everyone and it would be nice to be in Austin for a holiday.

Here are some pictures from Halloween <3<3<3

My friend rebekah and I dressed for a 1930's themed party

Ryan and I


Ryan and I for Saturday night<< zombie nurse and dr.


Snack table for our party <3<3



Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Ryan's birthday is december 1, jenny's birthday is nov. 16, and my dad's birthday is uhhh..some time at the end of november..I think the 23rd?

Christmas is coming soon too. Not looking forward to all these damn holidays. I AM looking forward to time off.

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bidi bidi bom bom


i am so tired.

MTM last night for company halloween party:

went to a murder mystery.

It sucked really bad. I didn't pay attention the entire time, and concentrated on drinking my free vodka and water and eating the roman orgy (chicken, potatoes, brisket). I giggled a lot so that made it fun anyway. I did my friend rebekah's makeup and made her a dead ballerina with a slit throat. It looked really good! I did my zombie nurse makeup and costume. We both looked SO SCARY AND GOOD! Anyway. I won third place in the costume contest. uhh..want to know who won first place?
A girl who was wearing bunny ears and had three whiskers drawn on each cheek. White pants, and a red vest. and kitten heels. She won 100.00. I won a rubber chicken and a 10 .00 i-tunes gift card.


Going to a 1920's/1930's themed party for Melissa's birthday. It's at the cavern. I'm pretty excited! I"m goign to wear this vintage cream gown, a rabbit fur stole, LOTS of rhinestones, and I'm going to curl my hair and style it 30's style and do some pretty makeup. Ryan is dressing up, and my friend rebekah is going to come too. I'm going to let her borrow one of my gowns ( the silver VS 90's nightgown. I LOVE IT)

Tomorrow is my halloween party! I need to bake and finish decorating. we are carving our pumpkins too. CAN'T WAIT.

I slept in my contacts for the first time in YEARS. My eyes are bloodshot and I am definatly in the fucking zone.
I am so ready to go home, crash for awhile, take a shower, get ready, and finally..go out!


I've had tons of sex this week. I am about to start my period, so I really like to have as much sex as possible, as I know that I will not be able to for many days in a row.
The man that works the desk in my office building gave me a full-size hershey chocolate bar.
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Last night's dinner with Marjorie was a great time. We went to meridian room. I had a seared tuna steak and some vodka and waters. The tuna was AMAZING! We hung out there for a good while, then walked over to Amsterdam for a moment. I came home and had sex with my boyfriend and laid around and talked to him and listened to songs and I guess eventually fell asleep. I guess the vodka made me drunk. I haven't been drinking very much these days. <3

I have a work happy hour tonight, then I am going home and exercising ( If i am not too tipsy, i plan on drinking vodka again tonight...IT'S FREE!) When Ryan gets home, we are going to hang paintings and play this new game and maybe super metroid (i hope)and eat dinner and hang out and makeout and cuddle and all of those things that we do. I love my boyfriend, and I love being with him. He makes me SO happy. I really feel so fucking good when I am with him.

Still no real plans for this weekend. I MIGHT hang out with Robyn on Friday. I texted neighbor dustin to see if he wanted to hang saturday or sunday. he never texted me back! I miss him!!!! I guess he's busy with his new job and whatnot.


Here is some Halloween inspiration:


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